Ultimate Autopilot Adsense Method V2 – Free Traffic 2018

Hello and welcome to my second course, where I will teach you How to implement the Ultimate Adsense Method with your already running wordpress website to get FREE daily traffic.

During this course, I will teach you how to install a wordpress website for testing then editing it to turn it into a Facebook Game (the Ultimate Adsense Method). You can use the same steps to turn your wordpress website to one of those games that will drive FREE SN Traffic to your website.

In the last part of the course , I will be giving you my own optimized wordpress website that I’m using to convert the FREE Traffic into Cash (Adsense). You will just import the files and the database and start using it just like you did previously in the first course The Ultimate Google Adsense Method.

By using WordPress as a platform , you will be able to make your articles user friendly which will help to increase your Adsense CPC , and that means more Earnings.

You should know that you need to have access to the first course , because you need to know how to fix “The Sharing Issue” that we have discussed on the section 6. So if you don’t have access to the first course , this couse will not be helpful.

What you’ll get:
● Video course that shows you how to buy a domain name and a hosting.
● Tutorial on how to link your domain with your hosting using custom DNS.
● How to turn your wordpress website into a facebook game.
● My unique wordpress files and database ready to use.


Section 1 : Introduction & The Benefits Of A High CPC
Section 2 : Domain & Hosting

How & Where To Buy A Domain

How & Where To Buy AHosting

Section 3 : WordPress

Section 4 : Turn WordPress into Facebook Game

PHP Script & Meta Tags.pdf

Implementing The Ultimate Adsense Method in WordPress

Setting Up The Facebook Game

Section 5 : My Optimized WordPress Website
In the next video course you will need my wordpress files and database that you can just import. I have spent a lot of time to offer you one of the best optimized wordpress websites that can convert your facebook traffic easily. Please download the attached files (yourdomainnew.zip & yourdomainnew.sql) so you can follow the next video.



Finishing The Setup

My WordPress Website

Setting Up The Optimized Website

Section 6 : Update 2020

2020 Update For The Ultimate Autopilot Google Adsense Method

Udemy Announcements
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